Our history

MMC is formed by a vast set of electromechanical, naval, industrial, environmental engineers and an Occupational Health and Safety department, together they execute all projects within the highest safety standards, shortest time, and best quality possible.

MMC field teams, are trained and specialised in work activities related to surface preparation and coatings applications, including hydro jetting, sandblasting, painting in opened and confined spaces, tank coating and hanging staging among others

For decades Marine Metal Coatings, Inc. proudly focused its work mainly on the Panama Canal -since when it was administrated by the Panama Canal Commission to now the Panama Canal Authority- and its work included the rehabilitation of Gates, Caissons, and Tanks, among others. A challenge they have been undertaking for the last 38 years.

From mid-2021 to 2022, MMC returned to work on the rehabilitating of the Miter Gates for The Panama Canal. These extensive jobs have included cleaning, surface preparation and application of epoxy coating in open areas and confined spaces.

MMC currently is working with Astillero Puerto de Balboa (ASTIBAL), which provides repair and maintenance services to vessels that transit the Panama Canal, has appointed MMC as the company that will carry out all surface preparation and painting work on the hulls of the ships, with the ability to work in their 3 dry docks simultaneously and Metales Panamericanos S.A, which is responsible for manufacturing and installing some metallic structure for the mega project that is the expansion of the Panama Metro system, has also appointed MMC as a strategic partner to carry out the painting work on these metallic parts.

Our collaborators in the field specialize

  • Hydro Jetting
  • Shot blasting of all types
  • Application of all types of industrial paints and coatings
  • Waterblasting
  • Selective Diamond Concrete Demolition
  • Work at height and confined spaces

Our multidisciplinary team

We have a work team made up of:

  • Electromechanical Engineers

  • Civil Engineers

  • Industrial Engineers

  • Naval Engineers

  • Safety and environmental engineers