Safety is first

Considering that safety is the responsibility of all employees within the work premises, each worker must be properly trained to direct the supervisor's attention to all potential risks and violations of safety regulations in the work area.

MMC has a complete professional team in Occupational Health and Safety issues comprised of safety engineers, hygienists and trained officers dedicated exclusively to maintaining a safe work environment, in accordance with the highest health and safety standards established in the industry.

Among the activities carried out by our company is the specialty of removal and disposal of hazardous materials such as paint containing lead and asbestos, among others.

Marine Metal Coatings, Inc. uses its standard health and safety plan to augment and improve safety procedures and to provide sequential and understandable guidance for all personnel working on our projects, but will design a health and safety plan special security to adapt to the particular needs of each project.

It is our goal to prevent our personnel from being exposed to the different risks of work during the execution of our projects, and to train them to comply with all the safety regulations of the contract and beyond, in order to complete the work safely.