We exceed your expectations

Marine Metal Coatings excels at surface preparation with shot blasting, ultra high pressure water pumps (40,000 psi), ship hull painting, cargo tanks, ballast tanks, fuel tanks and water tanks.

We have preserved and protected against corrosion:
- Marine equipment
- The gates of the Panama Canal
- Temporary canal gates (caissons)
- Turbine discharge pipes in hydroelectric dams
- Bridges and docks.

We clean and prepare any steel surface without causing damage to the environment, we use dehumidifiers to keep humidity and temperature under control at optimal levels during the execution of projects.

Our trajectory is vast in carrying out projects and works in confined and reduced spaces, as well as great heights.

We always meet the strictest federal and US military specifications with an outstanding safety record.

Our staff composed of engineers, foremen, professional craftsmen and specialized workers are in constant training, supervised by our experienced quality control staff, we guarantee that our performance always exceeds your expectations.