With Diamond Tools

In the field of concrete demolition with diamond tools we can offer concrete cuts of all kinds.

We have saws of:
1. Slabs and wall (slab and wall saws)
2. Diamond wire saws
3. Drills with diamond bits of all diameters and lengths.

Historical Data: The diamond drill bit, as a controlled demolition tool, was introduced in Panama in 1985 by our company, to demolish large masses of concrete during the reconditioning works of the Panama Canal locks.

Since then we have participated in many complicated projects such as the concrete demolition to build the access shafts of the Panama Canal Locks at the center wall (4 in total of the 3 sets of locks) to the main culvert. This project consisted in the removal of 9 feet x 5 feet x 60 feet of solid concrete moles to build the access to the main culvert that feeds water to both chambers of the locks. Similarly we expanded and refurbished several of the crossunder elevators and tunnels at the Panama Canal Locks.

The tunnels under the locks go from one side to the other (east to west) and with state of the art technology, we accomplished the removal of moles of concrete of up to 250 tons, in the reconstruction of the turntables at the end of the locks. Countless 3 inch to 80 feet deep holes were drilled for the cathodic protection program of the valves in the canal locks.

We have also participated in local projects, such as the drilling of the necessary openings to allow the driving of the piles in Phase I of the expansion of Tocumen Airport, punching reinforced slabs to 1.50 thick.

In another project we proceeded to cut reinforced concrete walls 10 meters x 5 meters x 0.6 meters in 6 pieces each, to be removed at a hydroelectric plant in Chiriqui and a complete pier for Manzanillo International Port and the Panama Canal Authority. We completed all these projects ahead of schedule.