Experience and Trajectory

Harmodio Yuen, General Manager and Mario Dovo, Engineering Manager, are two Panamanian engineering profesionals who under the advise of the company’s president Robert Novey, are the pillars of  Marine Metal Coatings, Inc., an innovative company with two main trades: corrosion control and concrete demolition with diamond tools.

We specialize in the surface preparation (grit blasting and 40,000 psi ultra high pressure water blast) and painting of ship hulls, cargo, ballast, fuel and water tanks. Marine equipment, miter gates, caissons, piping, penstocks for hydroelectric dams, bridges and piers have been serviced and protected from corrosion by our company.

We have slab, wall and wire saws, as well as an assortment of core drill sets, ready to perform on any type of specialized concrete demolition with our diamond tools. Through our work in extremely confined spaces as well as high altitudes, we have acquired a vast experience, which allows us to comply with the most severe US federal and military specifications.

Our personnel comprised of engineers, foremen, craft men and specialized laborers are constantly under training and monitored by our experienced quality control personnel, to guarantee that our performance always exceeds your expectations.